Intimate Care

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Eucerin - Intim-Protect 250ml

167,000 LBP

Feminic 7 Daily Gentle Intimate Gel for Women 200ml

200,000 LBP

Feminic 8 Intimate Gel For Fast Relief 200ml

200,000 LBP

Hominic Daily Gentle Intimate Gel for Men 200ml

157,000 LBP

Rogé Cavaillès - Freshness intimate cleansing gel 200ml

285,000 LBP

Rogé Cavaillès - Intimate cleansing care with antibacterial agent

215,000 LBP

Rogé Cavaillès - Moizturising wipes x15

122,000 LBP

Rogé Cavaillès - Soothing intimate cleansing care 200ml

245,000 LBP

Saforelle - Fresh Cleansing Care Daily use 250ml

160,000 LBP

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